What Is the Real Age of Your Soul?


What Is the Real Age of Your Soul?

The level of your intuition and the intensity of your empathy show what is the real age of your spirit. One of the most important things in life is the condition of your soul, no matter what age you are.

1. What were you like as a child?

2. You are invited to an extravagant red carpet event. What kind of outfit will you choose?

3. What do you think about social norms?

4. What form do you think your spirit has?

5. Of all the options below, which one is a priority for you?

6. Take a piece of paper and draw a house. Which of the images below looks similar to yours?

7. How do you feel about work?

8. In your opinion, which of the following actors comes closest to your idea of the perfect man?

9. Usually…

10. What is your relationship with other people?

What Is the Real Age of Your Soul?

Even though you have a very mature perspective, you still like to learn a lot of things and to develop yourself as a human being. From all the past lives of your spirit, you bring in this existence a lot of inner strength, tenacity and an immense ability to love. You are quite cautious about the people you let into your life. You have impeccable manners and you enjoy the spotlight, just like a teenager. Moreover, you are quite pretentious in terms of a potential partner and you love gentlemen/ladies who demonstrate that decency and chivalry are not dead.

You are a lucky person! You are among the people who have a very young soul. You are very tied to nature and therefore you have a particular sensitivity to temperature changes. If you are in love with the rain or like to sacrifice a few hours of sleep to admire the sunrise, these are all signs of a spirit that is now discovering the beauties of the universe. Your spirit has a special freshness in this life and you are attracted by new things.

You are a warm person who likes to help others. You dream with your eyes wide open from time to time but you are anchored in reality and you never lose your head over empty words or false compliments.

Due to experience, you have empathy for others, helping them feel better about themselves. In fact, you read people very well because intuition is your superpower.

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