The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

19. Maine

The photograph is really faded and it doesn’t seem like it takes a lot, but it is actually a portrait picture of a group of firemen of the Arundel Engine Company, with some hand-pumped fire engine. 

The photo was taken in 1850, in Kennebunkport, Maine and the photographer used the Daguerreotype technique.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

20. Maryland

The Battle Monument is located in Battle Monument Square on North Calvert Street between East Fayette and East Lexington Streets in Baltimore, Maryland.

It commemorates the Battle of Baltimore and it honors the soldiers who died during the War of 1812.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

21. Massachusetts

Horace Mann is well-known for his attempts to develop an accessible educational system during the 19th century. During his childhood, he was raised in poverty and he was mostly self-educated.

That’s why, later in life, he became an educational reformist. He was supporting the fact that education should be free and universal, and the teachers should be well taught.

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