The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

16. Kansas

Samuel C. Pomeroy is the person from one of the earliest pictures taken in Kansas. He was highly involved in the political world. He started his career as a teacher, but soon he entered the Massachusetts house of representatives.

He was also part of the Republican Party and it was elected as one of Kansas’s first senators back in 1861. Pomeroy was a huge activist for human rights and he was supporting the idea of women having the right to vote.

17. Kentucky

A faded, messed-up picture of Henry Clay is known as one of the oldest pictures taken in Kentucky. He was entitled Secretary of State by President John Quincy Adams and

After the War of 1812, he was involved into the Peace Commission and he negotiated the Treaty of Ghent with Great Britain in 1914.

He achieved important successes during his career as a Secretary of State, although many people claim that he violated the Kentucky legislature and that his victory is just a “corrupt bargain“.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

18. Louisiana

Francis Lister Hawks was the first President of the University of Louisiana, today is known as Tulane University. Aside from this, he was also passionate about church and religious history. His writings are really important sources of information about the American church.

Later, he was involved in several scandals that were specifically targeting holy men. He was accused by George Washington Dixon who claimed that Hawks was involved in sexual affairs.

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