The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

10. Georgia

The earliest picture taken in Georgia shows Howell Cobb, a Southern Democrat, well-known in the political history of America. The photograph was taken back in 1844.

He had several political roles during his career. He was the 40th Governor of Georgia, a member of the United States House of Representatives, and Speaker of the House, and he also served as a Secretary of the Treasure.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

11. Hawaii

During the early 1880s, Hawaii was still an independent kingdom and it wasn’t part of the United States yet, but there are some photographers that went there during those times. This picture taken in 1893 is a portrait of Princess Ka’iulani holding flowers.

According to Five Minute History, her name means “the highest point of heaven” or “the royal sacred one” in the Hawaiian language.

She died young at the age of 23 due to inflammatory rheumatism after she was caught in a storm and came down with pneumonia.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

12. Idaho

This photograph that was taken around the 1860s is a picture showing a tributary of the famous Snake River.

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