The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

4. Arkansas

One of the earliest photographs taken in Arkansas is a picture of the steamboat Sultana, the ship that was involved in the worst maritime disaster in US history.

One of the boilers exploded, which destroyed part of the boat, and that led to sinking. More than 1800 people were killed (even more than the Titanic, when 1512 people died) and the majority of them were soldiers that were involved in the Civil War.

This picture was taken just one day before the tragedy, on April 26, 1865. Nowadays, there are even museums that provide public access to events in order to inform people about this tragic event.

Courtesy of Los Angeles Public Library via Gizmodo

5. California

The picture was taken back in the 1860s, and it’s a landscape photograph of Los Angeles Plaza. The photographer’s name is unknown.

The plaza area was the center of Los Angeles’ community throughout the 19th century and it was considered the social and commercial center of Los Angeles.

LA’s oldest district became a living museum where you can find a variety of attractions, like Olvera Street, a  Mexican marketplace where you can find a lot of traditional shops, but it’s also the place where a lot of events are taking place every year, like Cinco de Mayo or Dia de Los Muertos.

Another famous landmark is The Avila Adobe, the oldest house in LA, which still exists and it’s located in its original location.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

6. Colorado

The oldest known picture of Colorado represents the Colorado River and it was taken by Timothy O’Sullivan back in 1871.

The photographer was pretty famous in the West side of America and it was widely known for his work that was related to the Civil War.

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