The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Alabama Department of Archives & History

1. Alabama

This picture is entitled “Sons of Edmund King of Montevallo, Alabama: William Woodson King, E. Thomas King, Peyton King, and Nathaniel King”, and according to the Alabama Department of Archives and History, it was taken back in the 1850s.

Edmund King of Montevallo was a successful planter and businessman in Alabama and he was really involved in activities in order to help the society. He donated land for churches and schools.

In 1817 he built his house, and after his death, it was used as a classroom, but also for medical and economical activities. Today, the building is considered a historic residence and it’s used as a guest house.

Courtesy of The New York Public Library

2. Alaska

This 1868 image was captured by legendary artist Eadweard Muybridge while he was visiting Fort Tongass. Many decades before Alaska would become part of the United States, he snapped this image of a group of Tlingit People living in the area.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

3. Arizona

The picture is entitled The start from Camp Mojave, Arizona and it was taken back in September 1871. It shows the beginning of an expedition that was about to start from Arizona, all the way through Colorado.

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