The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

46. Virginia

This photograph shows a group of college students from Bethany College at the beginning of the 1850s, and their funny, silly hats are definitely the first thing that catches your attention.

The photograph is courtesy of the Library of Congress, and, according to its caption, they might have been part of The Ranters, a singing club, where members used to pull pranks.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

47. Washington

The picture was taken back in 1858 and it illustrates the cabins of Fort Colville. It was a territory of the U.S army and initially, it was called “Harney’s Depot” and “Colville Depot”.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

48. West Virginia

Photographed here in 1859, Harper’s Ferry is known as the site of John Brown’s raid and leadership of a slave revolt that triggered the Civil War.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

49. Wisconsin

Photographed in 1840, this shows a portrait of the Hon. & Rev. B.R. Wilson of Monrovia, Liberia, a Methodist missionary to Liberia, photographed by S.W. Truesdell, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

50. Wyoming

Photographed by Andrew Russell in around 1870, this photograph shows men carving a trench into Bitter Creek.

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