The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

40. South Carolina

While we do know that this is the oldest photograph in South Carolina, taken in 1853, who this is actually a photograph of remains a mystery to this day.

Many people believe it is the owner of the Charleston Zeitung newspaper, Franz Melchers, no one knows for sure.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

41. South Dakota

This 1870 photograph shows the altar in the First Church of Our Merciful Savior, Santee, taken and published by S.J. Morrow. Sadly the church would be destroyed by fire 14 years after this image was captured.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

42. Tennessee

The photograph taken by x, in y shows a group of children on the Lookout Mountain. Nowadays, the place it’s great for visiting.

There are a bunch of fun activities tourists can try and a lot of interesting landmarks, like Ruby Falls, Rock City and The Incline Railway.

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