The Oldest Photos Captured From Each State

Courtesy of Library of Congress

31. New Mexico

The photograph shows Fort Marcy, in 1868. It was built when there was a dispute between the United States and the Republic of Mexico over the southern border of Texas. Fortunately, the fight didn’t involve deaths.

Fort Marcy was used during the American Civil War and Mexican–American War, but it was demolished during the 1890s.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

32. New York

This photograph of the Hudson River, which flows through eastern New York, was taken by William England. Later, the picture was colorized.

Courtesy of Library of Congress

33. North Carolina

Captain William F. McRorie was photographed in 1861 holding his sword. During the Civil War, the popularity of guns increased because they can be used from distance.

However, swords and knives were still used, especially in close combat.

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