Top 11 Photos That Were Historical Firsts


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NordWood Themes at Unsplash

We definitely can’t imagine our lives without the possibility of taking pictures. Nowadays, we can just take the phone out of our pockets whenever we see something worth remembering and click on a button. We don’t even need professional cameras in order to take high-quality pictures. And what would social media be without all the selfies and holiday pictures?

Photography is definitely something common these days, but it was a huge breakthrough in the past. Pictures weren’t used only for personal reasons, like memories, they also became a great tool for press. The use of photos in newspaper became a reason to believe for the audience, as it was giving credibility to the description of an event.

Moreover, the possibility of taking pictures meant conserving important, even historical moments. Here are 11 “firsts” captured in pictures, that will take you back in time.

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