The 11 Best Diners Remaining in America

Picture by Pegasus Pics at Shutterstock

Missing the old-fashioned days? There’s no better way to go back in time than to get into your car and go to the nearest diner in the city. Or maybe you’ll want to try again that amazing burger you ate decades ago on Route 66.

Either way, diners are still an icon for the cultural history of America. From teenagers meeting after school to drink fresh milkshakes, to exhausted drivers stopping by for a quick break and a snack, they are a symbol of positivity and prosperity for the United States.

Guess what, there are many diners that are still opened after almost a century, with the same pop-art, rock & roll design and the same comfort foods on the menu.

Here are 11 diners that will make you want to go back in time immediately.

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