11 Famous Companies that Started in a Garage

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We have to admit that we all associate success with fame, money, luxury buildings and well dressed employees with fancy cars and elegant suits. However, it seems that not many of these successful companies have suddenly become famous overnight, but their CEOs have started working hard on their ideas, although they didn’t have enough financial resources to meet their needs (such as a big space or employees). Hence, they believed in their ideas and decided to start their own businesses without caring about the place, so their activity was initially carried out even in dorm rooms, basements, or garages.

In other words, did you know that Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in his garage? Or that Mark Zuckerberg invented Facebook in his Harvard dorm? Of course, in this article, you will find the stories of many other famous companies.

The truth is that not many young entrepreneurs have enough money for a luxury or large office, so they have to find a place to work on their ideas, right? It doesn’t matter how you started as long as you achieved your dreams and built an internationally known and successful company.

The people in this article prove the fact that you can become rich and successful even if you start with little resources and funds or even in a garage, but all that matters is your desire, effort, ideas, creativity and originality, as well as to believe in yourself and in your plans. In fact, success can only be achieved if you try your best to become the best version of yourself, believe in your business idea and be motivated to put in the work.

That being said, here are some of the world’s most famous companies that started in a garage. Read on for more info!

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