7 Brilliant Scientists Who Had Hidden Talents

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Being a brilliant genius is a huge gift that God has given to some people, but being multi talented at the same time makes you a real human treasure, right? Unfortunately, these multi talented scientists are no longer with us today, but they have left behind not only a prominent name, but also numerous theories, concepts and realities that guide thousands of generations through life.

However, a multi talented person is someone who specializes in working in more than one field of life – or, in this case, science. For example, we all know that Isaac Newton was the most influential physicist of the 17th and 18th centuries or that Marie Curie is well known for her contributions in physics, but did you know that they were actually exceptional in other major fields of science as well?

That being said, a multi-talented scientist is a person who displays exceptional intellectual ability, creativity and originality in multiple fields of science. They can also be considered ‘polymaths’, as they excel in many diverse subjects.

So, here we take a look at 7 of the brightest scientists who had multiple hidden talents and changed the world with their intelligence and research. Read on for more info!

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