15 Most Common Regrets People Have in Their 50s

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“No regrets”, we often say to ourselves, especially when we are not sure if we made the right decision; a cliché used especially when we were younger. Many people even mark these words with ink on their skin, having a permanent tattoo to remind them that regret is a form of punishment. As our American actress, comedian and model, Lucille Ball, once said, “I would rather regret the things I have done than regret the things I haven’t done.”

However, we are human beings and regret is a normal process in life. We all make mistakes at some point in our lives and that’s fine. In addition, we will see in this article that some decisions can become mistakes over time, but we will realize this as we get older. We can make mistakes that we will regret forever, but it’s important to understand the circumstances that influenced you at that time.

That being said, it is perfectly normal to change your mind as you move through life, because you evolve and start to see things differently. Karl Pillemer, a gerontologist at Cornell University, told TODAY, that “if you get to the end of your life with no regrets at all, you probably haven’t lived that interesting a life. But they can’t believe how people waste their time. Petty fights, resentments and worry.”

So, let’s find out together what are the most common regrets that people have in their 50s, according to mental health professionals. Read on for more info!

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