11 Celebrities Who Have Opened Up About Depression

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We have to admit that when we go through difficult times at some point in our lives, whether we are talking about anxiety, depression, stress, and so on, we feel that we can’t open up to anybody, so we tend to bottle up our emotional pain and feelings. However, medical experts say that this is a common mistake that many people make, as bottling up your emotions leads to more complications, including exhaustion, suicidal thoughts, self isolation, irritability, and so on.

Depression is considered by specialists to be a mood disorder, as well as a serious medical illness. In general, depression adversely affects the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you act. It usually makes you feel sad, unworthy, recalcitrant, with negative thoughts, tired, not interested in any activity even if you have enjoyed them before.

These symptoms (among many others) especially affect your mind, but if you don’t find the root of your problem and don’t fix it as soon as possible, the symptoms will start to be physical as well. For example, in some cases you will eat even more, so you will be prone to obesity, or your appetite decreases, so you will be likely to develop anorexia nervosa; your cognitive abilities will also be affected and you’ll experience difficulty concentrating, you can’t get enough quality sleep, have digestive problems and so on.

It’s important to remember that depression is a serious condition and without proper treatment, you may experience more severe complications. This mental illness is not only triggered by a specific trauma, brain structure, and other medical conditions, but it can also be a genetic disorder. To be more specific, if you have a family history of depression, you will be more likely to develop it as well.

Nevertheless, you should realize that it’s perfectly normal to feel down from time to time because we are human beings and we need some sad moments in our lives to learn how to enjoy the little things more and realize our blessings. However, if these episodes are too frequent or last for long periods of time, you should consult your doctor. According to statistics, depression affects about 40 million adults in the United States over the age of 18 (about 18% of the population every year).

So, you are not alone in this situation and, due to the fact that depression doesn’t care about your social status and financial resources, age, race, gender, or other features, it can occur even in children and famous people. Our celebrities weren’t afraid to talk openly about their mental health issues and the struggles related to depression. So, read on to find out their stories!

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