11 Manners Americans See as Rude (but Other Countries Don’t)

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There are many things that may be impolite in some countries, but considered normal in other parts of the world at the same time, from burping after a meal to farting in public with people around you. However, you already know that societies are made up of different communities and each group of people has its own customs and traditions that may seem strange in other regions of the world.

Of course, even those customs that seem strange to you and me are still normal and socially accepted in some countries as long as they are not illegal or immoral. There are formal and informal norms in every community – formal norms refer to written ones, such as laws, and informal norms are those that are instilled by values ​​and behaviors from generation to generation, but both have sanctions if they are not followed.

Example of an informal norm: there is no law that says you shouldn’t be late for a date, but if you do, you will be considered rude and risk not getting a second date (this is the sanction). Example of formal norms: if you spit on the street, you will be fined by the police (this is the sanction).

That being said, in general, these informal social norms differ from country to country and you will discover them in this article! So, read on if you want to find out what manners Americans see as rude, but they are totally acceptable in other regions.

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