8 Stars Who Underwent Dramatic Transformations for a Movie Role

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Many people see acting as a simple job that almost anyone can do, but this domain requires more sacrifice and effort than you might think. Acting is not only about wearing certain outfits, crying instantly or becoming someone else by changing your personality and learning a speech. There are certain actors who underwent dramatic transformations to play a role in a film. Of course, we are not talking about those stars who had to let their hair grow on their bodies or to cut their hair entirely, but about those actors who had to completely change their lifestyle and diet.

The weight loss process should be gradual and healthy if you want to avoid certain health problems, sagging skin, or stretch marks. People who want to gain weight should eat healthy foods to avoid fat deposition or certain diseases, and individuals who want to increase their muscle mass should not only have daily workouts but also consume only certain foods that stimulate muscle growth.

Imagine trying to lose a few pounds in a few days just for a film role that needs you almost anorexic or gaining weight in a short period of time just to fit in a movie character. Even though there are people who see this whole process as a simple task, the truth is that there is, in fact, a lot of effort behind the scenes.

For example, there are actors who had to stick to a 500 calorie diet a day to lose weight – which is actually unhealthy, but they had to do this quickly – not to mention that the normal amount of calories that you have to eat in a day is approx. 2800 (for men) and about 2200 (for women). In addition, there are stars who have had to eat a lot of fast food and stick to a caloric diet just to change their body size, while others have spent their time only at the gym to increase their muscle mass, which is not that simple, of course.

With that in mind, here are some celebrities who went on extreme diets, completely changing their lifestyle in a short period of time to play a character. Read on for more info!

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