7 Items That Are Just Status Symbols

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As a general definition, a status symbol is usually represented by certain luxury goods that should reflect a person’s economic and social status. A status symbol isn’t limited to tangible items, such as expensive cars, houses and smartphones, but the list is long and can also refer to various services, such as luxury vacations, eating at fancy restaurants or even certain types of uniforms, going to a prestigious university or choosing a private school.

However, just like anything else in life, these goods that are considered a status symbol change over time, but they rely on a specific principle, namely that they should reflect the differences between the upper and lower classes within a society.

These symbols may vary from society to society, for example, in certain communities, people associate body scars with a sign of bravery, which is automatically a status symbol, while in other groups, having expensive clothes and a college degree is another status symbol.

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