8 Famous Co-Stars Who Hated Each Other in Real Life

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In general, there are many public figures, especially actors, who describe their co-workers as their second family, brothers and sisters, and the truth is that we don’t know if they are hypocrites or actually tell us the truth, but they seem to get along well when they are caught on camera. Some of these celebrities even end up falling in love and forming an actual real life family when the acting scenes stop, while others simply hate their co-stars.

In fact, starring in various movies is actually a job like any other post, so the actors need to do their best to complete their tasks, earn money and recognition, and well, survive just like us. In other words, they have to accept some conditions and even make compromises when signing a contract to play in a movie. Unfortunately, some stars have to accept a job that involves collaborating with someone they hate in real life.

However, this phenomenon is not unique, as it can be found in every type of job. Hence, we all have that co-worker who annoys us so much that we would do anything to avoid interacting with him or her, but being in a team it’s quite difficult to do that, especially when you have to collaborate with each other, right?

As for the celebrities, people expect them to be good friends in real life, because sometimes the connection between them when acting seems quite real and positive, but we all know that ‘life beats the movie’ in the end.

Here are some famous co-stars who actually hated each other behind the scenes. Read on to find out more info!

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