12 Successful Celebrities Who Never Went to College

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In general, people tend to associate a successful life with higher education, because they think you can’t succeed in life if you don’t go to college. However, even though this stereotype is wrong, many people still guide their life principles according to this ‘rule’. In addition, all you have to do to become successful is to have a good business idea, to believe in it and to work hard to make things happen – not to mention that a little luck doesn’t hurt.

Of course, education is important, but do you really need it to be successful? For stars like Gabrielle Union and John Legend, getting a degree was essential, but for some super-successful celebrities working hard and focusing on some interesting business ideas were more important. For example, if you can have an estimated net worth of $400 million like Beyonce and work hard every day to build such a fortune just like her, then you definitely don’t need a college degree.

However, when it comes to college, it’s important to understand that a school doesn’t reflect a person’s intelligence. Going to college doesn’t make someone look more intelligent or not. It helps you specialize in a specific field. In other words, it’s no secret that our main aim is to find what we like to do for the rest of our lives (maybe), to become the best in that domain and then to make money as easily as possible for leading a good life.

So, these celebrities show you that you can be rich even without a college degree, but working hard and thinking smart is actually the key to success whatever you choose to do. Read on to find out more info!

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