7 Bizarre Dishes on Victorian Dinner Tables You’d Probably Hate

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The period of Queen Victoria’s reign, from 1837 until her death in 1901 was very important in educating the people, leading to higher moral standards, impacting religion, social values and various art fields. During this time, our world embraced the first Industrial Revolution, political reform and social change. However, Queen Victoria took the crown at the age of 18 because her father and three other uncles died, putting her first in line as heir to the British throne.

During the Queen’s reign, it was time for Britain to enjoy the strongest naval superiority, becoming a world leader in various fields, from manufacturing, finance, railways, shipping to entrepreneurship. That being said, having so much power and high social standards, especially for the middle class, you would expect them to eat all sorts of sophisticated and expensive goodies. This is partly true, in the sense that their foods were actually special, but many of us certainly would not try them today.

Of course, things change over time and what seems extravagant and refined can take different forms in human eyes. Probably in a few years, our great-grandchildren will probably think that the sushi we consider a delicacy today is terrible. Who knows?! The future is unpredictable and society is constantly evolving.

So read on to find out what bizarre dishes the Victorians ate!

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