6 Famous Americans Who Have Studied Abroad

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According to a study conducted by NAFSA: Association of International Educators, the number of American students who chose to study abroad during the 2018-2019 academic year increased by 1.6% compared to previous years, to be more specific, between 341,751 students to 347,099 students. In other words, NAFSA said that this represents about 1.8 percent of all American students who have opted for a higher education institution in the United States.

However, while our students choose other destinations to complete their higher education, many students around the world still choose to study in the United States. The truth is that US degrees have a greater international reputation, American universities can also provide their students with a lot of facilities, benefits and incredible classroom experiences, not to mention that they offer a flexible academic environment as well.

So, why do most American students choose to go abroad to study? The answer appears to be complex and there are probably a lot of factors that can influence their decision, from the desire for new adventures and cultural experiences to the fact that they see other opportunities in other countries.

Nevertheless, choosing to study in another country or continent is not a mistake as long as you focus on your education and want to learn new things and get a specialization in a certain domain. In fact, there are many famous Americans who have studied abroad at some point in their lives and it seems that it was a good idea after all. So, read on to find out more info!

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