7 Things Only People Over 40 Understand

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There is a well-known fact about our generations, namely that the era in which we grow up will definitely shape us forever, so whether you are a boomer or a millennial you can’t oppose this natural phenomenon.

The truth is that technology has advanced a lot and it’s no secret that it leads our lives today, but unlike the younger generations, boomers also lived in times when the focus was on other serious things that helped us have fun and improve our brain functions at the same time. For example, decades ago you had to calculate in your mind when you had to do solve a mathematical problem, unlike today, when you can do this on your phone in just a few seconds. To be more specific, you had to think for yourself and cope with any situation, because there was no technology to think for you.

Do you remember when you had to check your U.S. road atlas to plan your next vacation? Now, all you have to do is to charge your phone and search Google for what you need to know. Of course, not to mention when you had to meet someone and there were no phones at that time… so you had to trust their words and hope that they got to your meeting point. 

On the other hand, we have to admit that technology makes things easier and our lives better in many ways, but we have to take into consideration that this is one of the most important factors that has changed us and our lifestyles. The things we did that helped us develop mentally and physically are now considered out of date and obsolete. 

So, if you want to remember these things and smile with nostalgia, read on to find out what technology has changed over time and that only people over the age of 40 remember.

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