6 Times Firefighters Were NOT Actually Heroes

Photo by perutskyy from Envato Elements

Serving our country and helping people be safe is one of the most important things that firefighters do and sometimes they even risk their own lives to make sure that other people are safe and alive. For example, approximately 10 firefighters were injured in Los Angeles as an explosion erupted and multiple buildings were on fire – so they risked their lives to save people and buildings. Unfortunately, some were even killed in certain missions. 

When we talk about this job, selfishness is the last word that we should use. In other words, they are very loyal to their tasks and are always there to help people and animals in need. 

However, it seems that there are some firefighters who aren’t involved in this job – as is the majority – and have proven that they weren’t actually heroes when our society needed them. Of course, these cases are rare, but they could have saved more people if they had let someone else who was more involved do the work for them. 

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