6 Weird Beauty Secrets of the Most Beautiful Women in History

Photo from Pixabay

We have to admit that being pretty is not easy, especially when people have high expectations from you. In fact, you have to do a lot of things, and stick to different rituals and habits to stay as beautiful as possible – and the most beautiful women in history agree with that. They had to resort to various beauty tricks to be so, as they weren’t born pretty. 

However, some of these beautiful ladies took things too seriously and even opted for strange and sometimes ridiculous rituals, such as bathing in donkey milk or wine and wearing too much toxic makeup. 

Women in our history who have managed to stand out for their beauty have resorted to various tricks to highlight their features. Unfortunately, in those eras, there were no plastic surgeries to help them improve their appearance, so they used various rituals to be more beautiful, some of which were even disgusting.

But let’s find out together! Here are some strange beauty secrets of history’s most beautiful women. Read on to find out more!

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