8 Best Things That Happened in 2020

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Let’s be honest: 2020 has been one of the most difficult years so far, because there have been a lot of negative events that wreaked havoc all over the world, from beloved celebrities that have died and a worldwide pandemic that affects people of all ages, to racial equality protests and so on. 

We have to admit that it is quite difficult to see the glass as half full these days, especially when everybody is emotionally affected for various reasons, but we have to try to stay positive and see things from a different perspective as well. 

Of course, no one has said that you have to be suddenly happy, especially when there are people who have lost their loved ones and are still struggling every day with the misconceptions of society – but you can try to minimize your stress, depression and anxiety by focusing on positive things from time to time.

According to C. Vaile Wright, director of clinical research and quality at the American Psychological Association, “it’s OK to not be OK right now and to just do your best to get through this truly unprecedented time.”

So, to help you focus on the positive events and make you feel better, here are the best things that happened in 2020 and that could probably make you change your mind about this difficult year. Read on to find out more info!

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