7 Weirdest Superstitious Things You Won’t Believe People Do

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We live in a world where superstitions can control our lives and there’s nothing wrong with this as long as you are aware of this and don’t let these things choose your destiny and help you make decisions based on them. 

For example, you won’t plan your wedding on the 13th because it won’t be auspicious – so, you clearly let the superstition control your life and you have made a decision based on it which can be a mistake, according to experts. There are also individuals who ask for another hotel room if theirs is on the 13th floor. In fact, more than thirty percent of people in the United States consider themselves superstitious.

Even though there are people who don’t consider themselves superstitious, they still do superstitious things, such as saying “bless” when someone sneezes, avoiding a black cat and breaking the mirror and so on. 

According to experts, superstition is a belief in which a certain fact has a mystical or magical explanation or is only assumed culturally, socially, or religiously without any scientific basis. In general, superstitions can lead to irrational decisions and help people reduce anxiety and develop a positive mental attitude. Some people can even develop a negative behavior toward some creatures, such as black cats (and this may be a reason for abandoning black cats). 

However, here are some of the weirdest superstitious things that Americans do. Read on to find out more!

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