8 Signs You’re Actually Too Polite

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Being polite is one of the most important personality traits that someone can have and it’s rare to find a person who doesn’t want to be surrounded by polite people. But unfortunately, being too nice and polite can cause some problems in the long run. Many people who are too polite may experience the feeling of sadness more often because they put their needs and desires in the background, and their attention is focused on others, neglecting their own person.

Nice people often don’t know how to say no or to stand up for themselves. According to medical experts, too much kindness can be bad for your health, because you can start to feel resentment and overwhelmed, as you try to help everyone and in some cases, people can take advantage of your generosity. That being said, it’s fine to be nice and polite, but don’t choose to be extra. 

Here are some signs that you are actually too polite. Read on for more!

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  1. Gloria M Hawkins says

    Woman suffer from this being too “Polite.” We are extremely intelligent in everyway and have been taught Universally to stand behind. WE MUST STAND BESIDE & SOMETIMES IN FRONT IF IT DEEMS NECESSARY! Countries that don’t respect woman do not fare well ! It’s BIBICAL and that is truly saying something !!

  2. Dolly Adams says

    this is so true,, women are taught as young girls to always be polite ,, I was,, and to, I am from the deep south where manners were the thing,, I have learned from reading this article,, thank you..

  3. Paul Crosby says

    I believe the far greater present-day problem is arrogance and rudeness among people who always want to claim some kind of “victim” identity for themselves to justify their own argumentativeness, arrogance and rudeness toward others. It’s an anger-breeding attitude, and most people nowadays are much more rude than people generally were in the past.
    Psychiatrists, psychologists and counselors started preaching so-called “assertiveness” and a “me first” attitude since at least as long ago as the 1970s because their patients or clients like to be stroked with sympathy for themselves.
    Now, everyone must fear unintentionally offending others with the slightest little comment or action, and people these days are constantly saying “I’m sorry” to others who just want an excuse for being mean themselves.
    Your little theory here is the same kind of anger-breeding teaching, and you need to cut it out. You have everyone “walking on eggs” whenever they are in the presence of others.
    You are hindering; not helping.
    I am offended by your selfish and self-serving philosophy.

  4. Steven Stills says

    Paul Crosby – it sounds like you’re claiming a vicim identity for yourself.