Are You Practicing Self-Love? Here Are 7 Ways to Do It (Better)

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You can read other people’s positive experiences and quotes

Well, as we said before, positive statements can be really powerful when it comes to improving your confidence and increasing your level of self love, but it’s also very important to surround yourself only with inspiring people, stories and quotes that can also motivate you.

We have to admit that sometimes it is quite difficult to believe your own self love affirmations and in this case, you should take into consideration other people’s stories and let them inspire you. In fact, we are human beings and the truth is that we all need some motivation from time to time, because this way we can keep our mind healthy and continue to work hard to achieve our goals.

It’s essential to understand that you are not alone in this situation, and reading other individuals’ quotes and experiences about self love can be really effective in this regard.

According to some studies, people need constant validation and appreciation to stay motivated or to succeed in various fields, but those who can’t receive it from their friends or family should understand the importance of self love and how powerful their thoughts are for themselves.


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You should opt for journal therapy

Did you know that keeping a journal can be really good for your mental health and there is actually a therapy that uses this technique? According to psychologists, people who write down their thoughts are less likely to develop stress, anxiety, depression or other mental diseases. Researchers explain that keeping a journal can make you give up negative emotions, focus on the positive ones and help you better understand yourself.

“Journal therapy is all about using personal material as a way of documenting an experience, and learning more about yourself in the process,” explains Kathleen Adams, LPC, a Colorado-based psychotherapist and author of Journal to the Self. “It lets us say what’s on our minds and helps us get and stay healthy through listening to our inner desires and needs.”

Moreover, if you can’t say positive affirmations to yourself while looking in the mirror, keeping a journal can be helpful in this sense. You can simply write down positive statements and read them every single morning.

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