6 Things That Could Affect Your Eye Health

Photo by Lensabl from Unsplash

You don’t use contact lenses properly

Many people use contact lenses to improve their eye health, but if you don’t use them properly and don’t take care of them accordingly, you are worsening your existing symptoms and it can lead to severe complications in the long run.  

“Contact lenses can build up deposits of protein, lipids, cosmetics, and other debris over time,” explains optometrist Leigh Plowman. “Bacteria can also attach themselves to the surface of the lenses and cause a significant eye infection.”

According to a study published in the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report, people who don’t use their contact lenses correctly are more likely to develop various corneal infections and other visual impairment complications. 

Moreover, you should take out your contact lenses before taking a shower or swimming. According to Damon Ezekiel, an optometrist and president of the International Society of Contact Lens Specialists, there are many bacteria in the water that can affect the health of the eyes.

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