9 Morning Habits That Can Help You Stay Organized

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First of all, you should know that highly organized people were not born that way, they had to work at it daily to become so organized. We have to admit that being organized is not that simple, especially when you have to change your lifestyle for it, but once you understand the benefits of these habits, you will love the results and their positive effects.

Many people are completely unaware of this, but having a well-organized life can help you succeed in various aspects of life, namely professional, spiritual, sentimental and so on. In fact, even those individuals who think that their behavior is chaotic can learn to be organized if they really want to change their lifestyle. 

These practices can help you focus and control your day, get to your meetings on time, know where your items are, and so on. Even though they may seem insignificant, these elements can be the key to your success. 

So, here are some morning habits that can help you stay organized. Read on to find out more!

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Be the first one in your house to wake up

According to experts, if you try to wake up before anyone else in your family, you will be more productive during your day. So, all you have to do is to set your alarm thirty minutes before the other family members wake up, get out of bed and make your coffee. You can also recite some positive statements while looking in the mirror to influence your day.

However, if you want to do this, you have to be careful what time you go to bed because it’s quite difficult to wake up at 7 in the morning when you go to bet at 3 a.m., right? Moreover, another thing that you should do to form a healthy sleep routine is to avoid your electronic devices, such as laptops, phones, TVs and tablets, thirty minutes to an hour before sleep, studies have shown that the blue light emitted from your devices can have a detrimental effect on your ability to easily get to sleep. 

Don’t forget about your self care routine before going to bed, as it can also help you sleep better. So, brush and floss your teeth, take a shower, moisturize your face and body with your favorite lotion and change into your pajamas.

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Avoid checking your phone immediately

Of course, checking your phone to read some messages and emails is very important, but try to set a specific time for this task. To be more specific, you should never check your phone right after you wake up or just before you go to sleep because it can affect your day or sleep (that blue light again).

  “I recommend not keeping your cell phone in your bedroom when you go to sleep,” recommends Fay Wolf, author of New Order: A Decluttering Handbook For Creative Folks (And Everyone Else). 

Instead of checking your phone right away, you should stay in bed for a few seconds and try to imagine what your day will look like. It’s very important to try to put aside the negative emotions that are constantly being posted on social media nowadays, at least for a few minutes in the morning and before going to bed.

“Every time I follow that principle I’m happier, and it’s an amazing alternative to picking up the phone,” added Wolf.

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Try to exercise

Of course, we have to admit that it’s quite difficult to exercise every morning for one hour or more, but you can do a mini workout for at least ten minutes or more. Don’t forget that a little yoga and stretching never killed anybody and can help you start your day well and feeling energetic. 

“I give myself the permission to do the things I want to do — like meditation, yoga, or music — in very small amounts of time in the morning, for five to 10 minutes,” says Wolf.

Everyone is different and while some people prefer to get in a workout session in the morning, others like to exercise in the evening. However, it depends on their lifestyle, resistance and other factors. 

According to a 2018 study, people who exercise in the morning are more likely to eat healthily, be productive and energetic throughout their day.

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Stick to your morning routine

We have to admit that one of the hardest things for most people to do when it comes to being organized is sticking to a routine and turning a task into a daily habit. 

Highly organized people recommend that you should create a morning routine and try to stick to it every morning, because this way you will transform a simple task into a habit, without always thinking about every step that you have to take. 

According to blogger Casey Osmundson, “the more you practice completing a task, the less you’ll have to consciously think about each step. What once seemed like a challenge will soon feel more like second nature.”

You don’t have to introduce a lot of new things into your routine, in fact, the change should be made gradually. You should do a few tasks every day and repeat this action until it becomes a habit. 

“A ‘to-do’ not connected to a ‘when’ rarely gets done,” says Julie Morgenstern, organizing and productivity consultant and author of Time to Parent. “A ‘to-do’ requires a certain amount of time in your day. If it’s just sitting on a list and you’re just waiting for time to materialize, it’s not going to.”

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Use the ‘three things’ rule

Many people want to be highly organized but not all of them know what to do to be as productive as possible, especially when it comes to their job. Unfortunately, in these moments of confusion, their level of motivation begins to waver and eventually decrease. 

Nevertheless, experts recommend that you try to reflect on your day and figure out what you should do next time to be very productive. So, you can use the three things rule, which can help you find out what you need to do in the following days to increase your motivation and productivity levels.  

According to Laura Vanderkam, author of What the Most Successful People Do Before Breakfast, “organized people think through their days. At the beginning of the day, they ask, ‘What do I need to do to make this a good day? If nothing else happens, what three things would make me feel like the day was a success?’ Then they figure out when these things can be scheduled, including back-up slots, given that life [interruptions] will happen.”

Before using this rule, you should understand exactly what productivity means. “Productivity isn’t about how many things you checked off your list or how many hours you worked,” explains Laura Stack, productivity speaker and founder and CEO of Leadership USA. “Productivity is about the results you were able to achieve in the time you spent.”

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Prioritize your important tasks

As we said before, every person should have a daily routine that keeps them focused on their goals and as productive as possible, but what happens when you have to complete too many tasks every morning? Well, in that case, you should try to create a list of your responsibilities, then select the most important ones and make a schedule for others. 

“Study your work requirements closely; triage your to-do lists; handle time wasters; and decide to do only what really matters,” says Stack. “Everyone has three to five buckets. You have to make it simpler. The brain can’t keep track of more than that,” Morgenstern added.

If you want to be more organized, you should create a simple morning routine that can keep you motivated and energetic, otherwise, you risk ending up in a chaotic mess. In other words, the main idea is to stick to a concrete routine every morning.

“Your routine should be the bare-bones basics that you need to complete to keep life running smoothly before you rush out the door. If you have other must-do tasks each day, think about how you can simplify or spread them out differently on your schedule,” said Watson.

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Plan (and cook) your meals beforehand

Planning your meals in advance can make you more organized and productive throughout the day, and that’s perfect because you don’t have to waste your time thinking about what you’d like to eat when you arrive home after a hard day. Additionally, cooking your food the night before can help you save a lot of money and improve your health as well. When you cook something at home you know exactly what ingredients you have used, and if you use healthy foods, you can improve your overall health. 

“I personally am now in the process of starting food prep… and it’s revolutionary and helpful to know what you’re going to eat each day,” says Wolf.

In addition, when you cook your favorite recipes at home you should “use fresh herbs whenever possible. Nothing brings flavor and sense of place to a dish like fresh herbs. A handful of basil or cilantro can transform a dish completely,” recommends Chef Karen Akunowicz, Owner and Executive Chef of Fox & the Knife, Boston, MA.

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Create a to do list 

Many organization experts recommend creating a to do list if you want to be more productive and well-organized. They also suggest you create it the night before. “Your list should be given the same weight as your as your email inbox or calendar,” says Wolf.

A to do list can help you stay relaxed because you already know what is in store for you the following day, and this is a perfect strategy especially for people who are anxious or stressed.

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Clean the main areas of your house

Whether you eat your breakfast or not, you should clean the main areas of your house before going to work. “I love to come home to a cleared off kitchen table, couch, and cleared out the sink,” said Wolf.

“Those are the three main areas of my home that makes me feel that I can do whatever work I have to when I get home, I can relax on the couch, or I can interact with foods without having to do dishes when I return,” she added.

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