COVID-19 and Gyms: Is It Safe to Go Back There?

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We have to admit that we all want to go back to the gym to resume our normal exercise routine, but is it safe to go back there? This topic is quite controversial because some medical experts recommend going to the gym to keep your body healthy and improve your mental health as well – especially after this stressful pandemic that has caused only anxiety and stress – while other researchers suggest that moist, warm air and interaction with other people can create a favorable environment for the spread of the virus. 

Of course, some doctors recommend outdoor workouts, but now we can also visit gyms if we follow certain hygiene rules, such as cleaning every gym machine, disinfecting your hands before touching any surface and keeping social distance. If you are ready to stick to these rules, then you can go back to the gym. 

Now that the restrictions have diminished, people are allowed to resume certain activities, but they have to follow certain social etiquettes and behave in a certain way depending on where they are. For instance, if you are on public transportation you should wear a face mask, but when it comes to the gym, you should schedule your workout beforehand and disinfect everything around you. 

Even though people are allowed to go to the gym, it doesn’t mean that you are safe or that the pandemic is gone forever. Don’t forget that you will touch certain surfaces that have been touched by others before you, used the same yoga mats and shared the same locker room. According to experts, gyms are one of the riskier places when it comes to exposure to the virus. So, here’s what you need to do to reduce your risk of getting sick. Read on for more info!

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  1. Terry says

    Upstate New York has had gyms open since August. We wear masks, clean off equipment before and after, and stay 6 feet apart. No problems. I believe grocery stores have more of an issue.