10 Etiquette Rules to Follow When Visiting Your Friends

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Due to the coronavirus pandemic, people from around the world need to change their lifestyles so that they can protect themselves as much as possible. Therefore, we must follow certain rules to reduce the risk of infection with the novel coronavirus. 

“We’re being bombarded with new information daily, sometimes hourly, about what to do,” says Sharon Schweitzer, an international culture and etiquette expert based in Austin, Texas. “The scientific community is giving us information that a lot of times conflicts with what our community leaders and our political leaders are telling us to do.”

Whether or not you believe in this virus, it is important to follow some rules to respect others who want to protect themselves. “Good etiquette really is how you make other people feel,” says Lisa Mirza Grotts, a San Francisco–based etiquette expert. “Right now, all that’s taken a back seat to health and safety and how we make people comfortable given our health situation.”

Here are some etiquette rules to follow when vising your friends! Read on for more!

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