7 Signs You’re Ready to Date Again After a Breakup

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You don’t want your ex back

Of course, we all miss our exes, especially right after a breakup, but that doesn’t mean that you have to call him or her to tell them that you want them back. One of the most important things that you have to take into consideration if you want to be happy again and start dating again is to understand that people change, and once you get over that pain, you will find out that he or she will no longer be what you want from an ideal partner. 

That being said, if you think that you’d get back to your ex, even though you know that it might be a bad idea, you shouldn’t try to date again, because you are clearly not ready for that, and you may break someone else’s heart as well. 

“You’ll feel, you’ll remember, but you don’t get stuck,” Klapow says. “Old memories will just be old memories. They won’t keep you from going to work, engaging socially with friends, or doing what you need to do in your daily life.”

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