7 Genius Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment

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Choose a flat screen monitor

A flat screen monitor kept above eye level can help you be productive and this is essential especially if you choose to work from home. Not only does it help you limit distractions, but it is also beneficial to your posture. Experts recommend using a standing desk as well. 

“Working in a kitchen chair looking down at a laptop might be an option for the occasional work-at-home day, but for extended periods, you need a flat screen monitor, so you’re looking up,” says Angelique Rewers, CEO of The Corporate Agent. 

Spending a lot of time at the office is exhausting and sitting all day long can cause back and bone pain. Unfortunately, in some work domains, movement is limited, so in these conditions, it is ideal to take frequent breaks or set your chair and desk so that you can maintain a correct body posture for a long time.

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