7 Genius Office Hacks That Will Improve Your Working Environment

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The importance of natural light

Natural light is one of the most important things that you shouldn’t ignore when you are at the office. So, if you have the possibility, try to set up your workspace near a window, but if you can’t, try to convince your colleagues to raise the blinds to let the light in, instead. Nevertheless, try to take small and frequent breaks to relax in the natural light.

“Studies show that natural light in office spaces improves worker satisfaction and increases productivity. It’s also been shown to enhance mood and encourage creativity,” says holistic business coach Tiffany Napper.

You can also opt for extra lamps to light the office. “The extra light will help keep you alert, but without the strain often caused by typical office fluorescent lighting,” adds career change coach Sumayya Essack, owner of Curate the Future.

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