8 Things You Shouldn’t Put Yourself Through

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Botox and filler injections

When you decide to inject Botox and filler on your own, you should know that you are on the verge of self-destroying your face and even your life.

“People are bored… they can’t go to their plastic surgeon or dermatologist, [so] they’re scouring the Internet,” said Pablo Prichard, MD, a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Scottsdale, Arizona. “You can buy black-market Botox and black-market filler, [but] the problem with these is that they’re completely unregulated by the FDA. Anything that you’re buying [is] not going through a health care professional.“

“Patients have had these foreign fillers injected into their face, only to cause facial necrosis. Even if it is a legitimate product, somebody who’s not skilled in injecting it can inject it into the wrong spot,” Dr. Prichard says.

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