8 Common Foods That Can Improve Your Brain Health

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First of all, you should know that the most important meal of the day is breakfast, so don’t skip it! “A good well-balanced diet loaded with nutrients, vitamins and minerals allows our brain to thrive and function at its highest capacity,” said Janette Nesheiwat, M.D., board certified medical doctor. “This begins the moment you wake up.”

One of the most important foods that are good for your health is blueberries. Not only do they help you improve your brain function, but they also help you lose weight if you have problems with extra weight.

“From a brain standpoint, antioxidants help protect the brain from free radicals that we are exposed to every day, like smoke and pollution. When free radicals are left unaddressed it can lead to a what is called oxidative stress which contributes to age-related degenerative diseases, including mental decline,” said Dr. Jackson.

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