7 Annoying Things You’re Doing at Restaurants Without Realizing It

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You don’t read the menu

Unfortunately, there are many people who eat at the restaurant but they order something that isn’t on the menu. While you are waiting for the waiter or waitress to take your order, you should read their menu to know exactly what they have and if you like it. 

According to Steve Dublanica, author of Waiter Rant: Thanks for the Tip—Confessions of a Cynical Waiter, “Restaurants are set up to make what’s on the menu as well as a predetermined list of specials.”

Moreover, you don’t have to complain to servers about this inconvenience, because it’s your fault. Dublanica says, “When you order what’s not on the menu, you’re forcing the chef into a situation where he’s cooking something he doesn’t make on a regular basis.”

“I hate it when a customer orders something without reading the full description on the menu. Then when the food comes out, its suddenly my fault for assuming they read the menu and they end up sending it back,” waiter, Butter_Jugs, told on Reddit.

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