9 Things Pharmacists Want You to Know

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Certain pills can’t be split 

You should talk to your pharmacist if you can’t take certain pills as they are too big to swallow and they will tell you if it is fine to do so or not because there are some meds that can’t be divided. 

Moreover, if you are trying to split your pills just because you want to save money you better ask your pharmacist about another safe and affordable alternative. If your doctor has recommended you a certain (daily) dose, you can’t reduce that dose or take half a pill one day and another half the next, because you may worsen your condition or it will have no effect. 

However, dividing your pills into two halves is not safe and effective, unless recommended by your pharmacist or doctor. 

“Some pills are manufactured in a way that if you split them you may be getting a high dose of the medication in one day and none on another day,” adds Moore. “Ideally, [your doctor and your pharmacist] will work together because the doctor knows more about your state, but the pharmacist knows more about the medication you’re prescribed.”

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