7 Ways Restaurants Get Creative in Putting Social Distancing into Play

Photo by Linda Karlsson

Serving just one diner a day

There is a restaurant in Sweden who serves a single dinner a day. Bord för En, or Table for One, adopted this interesting method to keep clients safe. People who want to eat there can have their dinner served in the middle of a field as their food is delivered in a basket on a rope pulley system. Can you believe it? No one touches your food and you can enjoy your dinner at the restaurant, but with no one around you. 

Nonetheless, even though Sweden did not go into lockdown, the country still imposed some social distancing measures. “We want to be able to concentrate on that sole guest when preparing the meal. But also, it is a way for us to be able to control that the guest’s experience will be totally COVID-19-free,” Linda Karlsson, the owner, told Insider.

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