7 Home Activities That Will Make You Happier This Spring

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You should clean out your closets

We should forget about the bedroom chair these days and start focusing more on decluttering our wardrobe. 

“It’s really powerful to stack everything in your workspace, typically on your bed, and really get in touch with just how much you have. Clothing comes into our life so easily with fast fashion, sales in general, styles changing… it’s just kind of a thing we purchase a lot of and we don’t take the time to go through and get rid of things when we’re done with them,” said KonMari tidying consultant and Minimize With Purpose founder, Caitlin Roberts.

You should only keep in your wardrobe the clothing that reflects your personality and identity. When you start cleaning out your closet you should focus more on what you want to keep instead of what you want to throw away. Moreover, you should get rid of worn out clothing even if you feel guilty about it and start thinking about the joy of someone else who will receive your donations. 

“Things you purge, for me, are those crazy pieces I’ve only worn three times in my lifetime, and have been sitting in the back of my closet taking up space. I’m definitely guilty of looking at those items and thinking, ‘Oh, that was a great memory, but I haven’t worn it in 5 years.’ I just need to bite the bullet and get rid of the pieces that have gone out of style, or [that I] haven’t worn in many years, and are just taking up space,” said the Rent The Runway’s style director, Blaire Rabenhorst.

“If you’re doing laundry and putting your clothes away, every time you go into your closet, you’re touching base,” Roberts says. “You’re re-deciding what you want to wear. If there’s something you start to notice you’re skipping over, then you should pull it out.”

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