7 Home Activities That Will Make You Happier This Spring

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We all know that summer, winter and fall seasons have their wonderful sparks that conquer our souls instantly, but spring is definitely the most lovable of the four seasons, right? The arrival of spring is always a warm and glorious welcome because this season blossoms everything about nature. Other things that make spring beautiful are both the returning of birds and the comfortable temperatures. 

So, even though spring is wonderful this year, we have to stay home during the coronavirus pandemic if we want to stay safe, but do not worry because there are still dozens of ways to celebrate the season at home while we are self isolated. 

Here is a list of the most favorite things to inspire your springtime activities! Read on for more info and enjoy it!

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You can arrange your flowers 

While you are waiting for your garden to bloom, you can opt for fresh flowers that can bring you joy in your living room. You can order online a beautiful variety of flowers or you can create your own bouquet. Make sure that you choose colorful flowers of all varieties. If you do not like vase flowers, you can plant some. All you have to do is to order online some seeds or shoots and flowerpots if you do not have one.

According to Christopher Satch, The Sill’s in-house plant expert, “the living room is your respite from the outside, as well as your cozy collaboration space with friends and family. Show off your elegant side with a bird of paradise or rubber tree plant. Or, show off your colorful and fun side with philodendrons, begonias, or cacti and succulents.”

“The kitchen is a source of water and, although it’s not as humid as the bathroom, it’s more humid than the rest of the house,” he says. “Counter space is also limited, so hanging things will be optimal.”

“Plants have been shown to boost moods, decrease stress and anxiety. Having a plant in the bedroom can spark creativity and teach responsibility. Colorful, responsive plants will be key in this mission,” Satch says.

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You should clean out your closets

We should forget about the bedroom chair these days and start focusing more on decluttering our wardrobe. 

“It’s really powerful to stack everything in your workspace, typically on your bed, and really get in touch with just how much you have. Clothing comes into our life so easily with fast fashion, sales in general, styles changing… it’s just kind of a thing we purchase a lot of and we don’t take the time to go through and get rid of things when we’re done with them,” said KonMari tidying consultant and Minimize With Purpose founder, Caitlin Roberts.

You should only keep in your wardrobe the clothing that reflects your personality and identity. When you start cleaning out your closet you should focus more on what you want to keep instead of what you want to throw away. Moreover, you should get rid of worn out clothing even if you feel guilty about it and start thinking about the joy of someone else who will receive your donations. 

“Things you purge, for me, are those crazy pieces I’ve only worn three times in my lifetime, and have been sitting in the back of my closet taking up space. I’m definitely guilty of looking at those items and thinking, ‘Oh, that was a great memory, but I haven’t worn it in 5 years.’ I just need to bite the bullet and get rid of the pieces that have gone out of style, or [that I] haven’t worn in many years, and are just taking up space,” said the Rent The Runway’s style director, Blaire Rabenhorst.

“If you’re doing laundry and putting your clothes away, every time you go into your closet, you’re touching base,” Roberts says. “You’re re-deciding what you want to wear. If there’s something you start to notice you’re skipping over, then you should pull it out.”

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You can organize a backyard picnic

While many restaurants are closed during the coronavirus pandemic, you can still enjoy a picnic in your backyard. All you have to do is to order your favorite food and organize a beautiful place to eat in your backyard. In fact, this is the perfect time to get some vitamin D in the sun and fresh air. 

As you already know, planning the perfect picnic does not require much equipment or time, but having the basic picnic essential is great, such as food, basket, blanket and some plates and utensils. 

You do not have to cook if you do not want to, but you can order food online from your favorite restaurant. You can read a book, call your friends, listen to music and play some games, such as board games, frisbees, football or badminton. I promise you that picnics can be really fun.

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Plant some flowers in your garden

We have to admit that when we talk about gardens, we automatically think of flowers. So, during the coronavirus outbreak, you can take advantage of your garden and free time and plant some beautiful flowers. Do not forget that it is fine if you can’t plant the shoots according to the plan. “Don’t let yourself become overwhelmed. This is supposed to be a fun and healthy activity, not an additional life stressor,” said plant expert Jennifer Morganthaler, the agriculture instructor at Missouri State University.

“Good houseplants for beginners are spider plants, golden pothos vine plants, aloe plants, snake plants and ZZ Plants,” Morganthaler says. “Beets, carrots, kale, lettuce, and spinach can grow in shady areas if there are at least three hours of sun per day,” she notes.

“House plants add decoration to a room, filter air, and have different light preferences, but you need to keep in mind temperature as well,” says Morganthaler. “Avoid unheated rooms in the winter time, cold drafts, or directly above or below heat vents.”

“There are many excellent brands of hand pruners on the market, but the most important thing is to find a pair that is comfortable in your hand. Not only will they be more pleasant to use, but it may minimize the potential for a repetitive stress injury. A high-quality, serrated soil knife will help cut through roots in the soil, can be used to trim the roots of pot-bound plants, and will also work as a trowel,” said Dan Scott, associate director of horticulture for the American Horticultural Society.

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You can learn to crochet

You can learn to knit and crochet these days, during the coronavirus isolation. Many studies have shown that knitting and crocheting can actually help reduce the levels of depression, stress and anxiety. So, all you need is a pair of crochet needles and let your creativity explode. Crocheting can be really beneficial for both your mind and body because it helps your joints relax and your brain will focus more. 

Thus, it is very important to complete an easy and fun project, especially if you tend to get frustrated with tough projects. You can do this while enjoying a backyard picnic.

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You can make a spring wreath

You should know that spring wreaths are just as beautiful as the ones you make at Christmas, so you can start to make one right now. Yet, what can be more relaxing than making a nice front door wreath on a rainy day? All you have to do is to order some flowers online and make a bright wreath or decorate one for Easter. 

The perfect way to spend your self isolation time is to make a beautiful spring wreath. So, whether you are shopping for ones made from artificial flowers or different dried herbs or you are making your own wreath with fresh plants, it is very important to choose what you like the most and celebrate the fact that you are healthy.

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You could bake cupcakes

The truth is that cupcakes are just right for any type of occasion. When it comes to cupcakes, the best part is that you can decorate and fill them with delicious cream, candies or chocolate. All you have to do is to choose a nice cupcake recipe and learn how to make them just by following the instructions. But, even though you choose a specific recipe you have to put your personal twist on them. 

Nevertheless, you should know that many homemade recipes contain the following steps: creaming the butter and beating in granulated sugar, eggs, and vanilla and alternately beating in the liquid and the flour mixture (usually flour, baking powder, and salt). That’s all!

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