7 Foods You Should Never Eat, According to Doctors

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Do not eat hot dogs

Well, the truth is that almost every American loves to eat a good hot dog, especially when watching a football game or enjoying a backyard barbecue with friends. But according to many health specialists, hot dogs are worse than you think and if you see how they are made, then you will definitely regret that you ate it. 

“Anyone who has seen how hot dogs are made has likely already stricken this bad boy from their diets just because, well, it’s disgusting. Medically, hot dogs are like a hand grenade for your overall health, and most particularly vascular health. Since every organ system relies on its blood flow to survive, the health of the vascular system is the key to every organ system staying healthy, and thus your overall health,” says Adam Gropper, M.D., board-certified diagnostic and interventional radiologist and owner of VIVIDVascular.

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