7 Foods You Should Never Eat, According to Doctors

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Stay away from low fat peanut butter

First of all, you have to know that peanut butter is really good for your health because it contains both protein and unsaturated fats and our body needs these essential nutrients to work normally. But the low fat or fat-free version of peanut butter is not recommended for you if you want to adopt a balanced and healthy diet. 

“But when you start to take out the fat in peanut butter, you not only lower the amount of heart-healthy fats that you’re getting but may also end up getting a product with extra sugar and filler ingredients,” says Gorin. “These ingredients are added to compensate for the fat is removed.”

So, you have to be careful about the ingredients on the label because it should only have three: peanuts, oil and probably a little bit of salt. 

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