9 Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety 

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Have a great sleep routine

One thing is for sure: all the information about coronavirus (or COVID-19) creates stress among individuals from all over the world and unfortunately the anxiety continues to spread. This coronavirus anxiety definitely affects the night time sleep, right? Therefore, to protect yourself and your family against coronavirus and anxiety it is very important to take care of your sleep as much as possible. “The more that you can use proper sleep hygiene to keep your schedule consistent, the better,” said Dr. Saltz.

Meditation and relaxation techniques can improve your sleep quality, but you should stay away from alcohol and caffeine as well. In addition, some medical experts suggest that physical activity is essential if you want to sleep better or to combat insomnia, especially for older adults. 

“Performing a moderately vigorous dance or exercise sequence requires concentration, which can help your mind stay sharp and serve as a healthful distraction from stressful events. And basic yoga can help you remain present and at the moment, effectively quieting the mind,” said Ardito. 

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