9 Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety 

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Focus on things that will relax you

If you try to focus more on things that can make you feel relaxed then the level of your anxiety will decrease significantly. Meditation is a good option because it can help you reduce stress. All you have to do is to unplug yourself for five minutes and to sit and focus your mind only on your breath. Try to stay in the present and let the negativity thinking go. 

“Assuming a holistic approach to the management of stress and anxiety during these tenuous times is an excellent way to go. Focus on things that are within your control — things for your body, mind, and spirit,” says Frank Ardito, Ph.D., the vice chair of the National Board for Health and Wellness Coaching. 

Relaxing your muscles is another great idea that can release the stress and anxiety because these symptoms can cause muscle tension, headaches, backaches and general fatigue. You can relax your muscles with stretches, massage or even warm baths. You will be more relaxed and less anxious. 

“Try muscle relaxation techniques: Tense up your muscles in a certain area of your body, count to five and then release them for another count of five, and work your way up to your body,” said Dr. Saltz. 

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