9 Ways to Manage Your Coronavirus Anxiety 

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Talk with your friends about different topics 

During the coronavirus pandemic, it is very important to surround yourself only with supportive friends who understand your opinion and do not try to amplify your fear and anxiety. If you want to be more relaxed you can listen to some music and dance while you are staying at home. You can talk with your colleagues about movies and other interesting TV series. 

You have to protect yourself these days if you think that coronavirus anxiety is affecting your life more than it is normally accepted. It does not mean that you should not read the news or do not talk about the COVID-19, but you should stay calm and do not evaluate everything from a negative perspective. Try to accept other people’s opinions without being personally affected and you should no longer believe all the conspiracy theories. 

“In anxious times such as this, utilizing your support network can be very helpful, just be sure that you reach out to people who will give you support as opposed to amplify your stress,” says Simon A. Rego, associate professor and chief of psychology at Montefiore Medical Center. 

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