10 Rude Things You Should Never Do While Shopping

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Testing products that should not be opened

We all want to know the quality of a product before buying it because it is important to see if it really is worth the money. But depending on the product category, you will find in some stores different testers that can help you figure out the texture, color, quality and more – such as stores with make up products and cosmetics.

If you do not have testers available, you should never check items that are not intended for testing. In fact, there are online reviews and return policies that can allow you to change the product or get your money back. Stores can’t sell the tested products and it can lead to a significant loss of revenue.

“Many people will spray deodorants in-store, but then replace the can they’ve tested with a pristine one to put in their shopping basket,” explains Philip Adcock, managing director of Adcock Solutions Ltd. “You can always spot displays that have been in-store for a long time by the mass of samples painted on them,” he said.

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