10 Rude Things You Should Never Do While Shopping

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Working in retail is one of the most difficult jobs although many people do not believe it because they do not know exactly what this occupation involves. To be more specific, retail employees are affected both mentally and physically by their work. 

For instance, they have to carry heavy boxes and parcels, memorize product codes, spend a lot of time on their feet and clean after dozens of customers. But this is not all and these tasks are not the worst compared to frustrating experiences with grumpy and rude clients. Rude people not only cumber their work, but they also affect the store employees mentally. 

So, these are the rudest shopping habits that someone could do! Read on for more info!

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  1. Lawrence J Monahan says

    How about customers usurping the packing process? “Paper or Plastic?” Paper please, but I will stuff the bags too full by myself…..and inadvertently make you look bad, like you don’t know how to do YOUR job
    A good deed gone bad. Respect the workers and let them do their jobs unfettered!!

  2. Sue says

    So how do you prepare to have the correct amount of change BEFORE the checker gives you the total. YOU CAN’T!! And I’m certainly not going to calculate all the items in my cart before checking out. Sorry, but I’ve seen debit and credit card users take up much more time than I do with my change purse.

    As for testing foods before buying: I always test a grape or blueberry before buying. Nine times out of 10, they are sour or completely tasteless and I’ve become tired of throwing them out after getting home…and I don’t have time to return them for money back (which I have done, but no more). It’s a shame so many fruits are no longer consistently good like they used to be before scientists started genetically reengineering them. And don’t get me going on strawberries which are hardly ever tasty any more. not even the pick-your-own.

  3. Dave says

    Don’t forget the people who pay their bill, then stand there talking to the cashier,when there are people standing in line. Do your socializing somewhere else.

  4. Ken says

    More than once I have come across a sealed item that has been opened and sampled. A sealed jar of something perishable is one example. Once that pop-up indicator is popped up, who knows how long it’s been like that. You open it – you’ve bought it. Another time I bought a tub of potato salad, got it home, and found that someone had opened it, maybe even in the store, and used a fork (probably also “sampled”) to dig through the plastic seal, and probably returned it to the store because it wasn’t to their taste – without mentioning that they opened it. Unsafe, and dishonest. I may seem like a bigot, but I consider a class (or low-class) of people who believe they have a right to free samples because they are special, or a member of the down-trodden masses.

  5. Ken says

    Well Sue, it looks like you are a description of just who this article is about. If “Nine times out of 10” the grapes, etc, are not to your taste, it sounds like you would save a lot of time by not even considering them. Yes, even sampling ONE of those items is stealing.

  6. russ says

    You mentioned leaving things in the wrong place in the store… My wife works at a grocery store and they have found many times where someone will change their mind about a package of steaks or something like that, and they just shove it into the candy shelves next to the checkout aisle. The store has no way of knowing how long it has been there and they have to just throw it out. The general public is lazy, selfish, thoughtless, and stupid.

  7. Anne D Rice says

    I once observed a woman open a jar of baby food, stick her finger in and taste the stuff, then return that jar to the shelf and take a new one. I didn’t say anything, but I picked up the open jar and followed her at a distance until I had a chance to place it in her cart. I’m not much on confrontations, but I have no patience with that sort of behavior.

  8. ed lennon says

    A woman once asked me where the stool fresheners were. I took her to the household cleaner aisle and told her to take a sip of some fabric softener to freshen her stool. She replied she needed something to soften her stool and I said this will do both and walked away as she was reading the back of the bottle. That was my personal favorite in working in retail for 35 years

  9. Howard D Wilkerson says

    As a young boy a neighbor lady asked me to go to a little local store and get her some bacon. When I gave it to her she licked it and said it was to salty and to take it back.

  10. W Collins says


  11. W. Collins says

    It is easy to prepare your change if you use your math skills. If you are a person who likes to pay with exact or close to exact change, just get your coins out of your purse or pocket . While you might not know exactly what amount you need, you know the coins will be less than one dollar. Just get out a few pennies, dimes and nickels as soon as you can. If you are a man, pull your wallet out of your pocket. Even better, make sure you have your wallet with you when you get into the check out lane, so you don’t have to go to your car to get it. THIS happens every day.

  12. Kathi says

    I think it is interesting that Women were selected to be the main culprits of rudeness while shopping, as shown in the vast majority of the examples. This is not a conclusion, just an observation.